The Sound of One Computer Thinking


curated by Barbarba Perea and Jan Adriaans


This exhibition’s title paraphrases the zen koan, What is the sound of one hand clapping? to invoke a paradox or question that is essentially unanswerable. The artworks presented share an underlying concern regarding the essence of sentience. Are love, death or humour uniquely human or biological experiences? Is the digital experience truly immaterial? Is labor indistinguishable from life?

Digital manifestations of Eros and Thanatos, creation and destruction, are at play in the sensorial and sensual array of videos, installations and wearable technology on display, both enhancing the mind and body yet co-opting and commodifying our movements, thoughts, desires and affects. Do our devices control or liberate us? Compliance, compulsory behaviours, training and learning are all underlying themes to these works, which tease out the nuances and complexities of how devices and behaviour intermingle and intertwine to mould and construct our ‘realities'.



Artists: Iván Abreu, Eva Davidova, Charlotte Eifler, Johannes Heldén, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Kathy High, Xin Lui, Joana Moll, Maria Paneta & Ava Aghakouchak, Miguel Ángel Rego, RYBN.ORG

Soliloquium - Miguel Ángel Rego

Encyclopedia - Johannes Heldén

Global Mode: Narcissus and Drowning Animals - Eva Davidova

Masque - Xin Lui

Perpetual Patience machine - Iván Abreu


Feminism is a Browser - Charlotte Eifler

Seduction of a Cyborg - Lynn Hershman Leeson


Rat Laughter - Kathy High


The Hidden Life of an Amazon User - Joanna Moll

Sarotis: wearable Futures - Maria Paneta & Ava Aghakouchak