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Swarming Chants Acts: Act 3

Nr 3 in the series 3x3 van V2_Lab for Unstable Media


A  performance of the choir: 'Kracht van Samenhang'

in collaboration with and led by Cora Schmeiser


Through Medieval and Renaissance choir repertoire we reflect on chanting dynamics in stadiums, by the positioning of choir members in the space, the use of echo, question and answer and group unity singing techniques.




Das Echo (Echo-dialog) - Orlando di Lasso from "Libro de Villanelle" (1581)

Karitas habundat - Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179)

Weep, O Mine Eyes - John Bennet (1599)

El Grillo - Josquin Desprez (1505)



The performance ends with a group learning experiment. Cora sings a song in the language Nierderdeutsch and everyone in the space tries to sing along with her and each other. Can a group of strangers unite through listening and vocalizing?

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