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Swarming Chanting Acts: Act 2

Nr 2 in the series 3x3 van V2_Lab for Unstable Media



Sparta Rotterdam is going to promote to the Dutch Premier League! This performance is a collaboration with composer Dante Boon and 16 supporters of the SPARTA football club. The composition is constructed out of 10 Sparta chants. By telephone calls, 5 front singers are given a vibrating signal to start a song. The rest of the group follows. In an organic way songs shift from one to another, whereby certain songs or persuasiveness of the front-singers is a decisive factor for the direction of the group.



perfomance 45 min:

performance 15 min

speech: Reijer Jan van Veldhuizen

performance 10 min

poetry: Gino van Weenen





- Sparta Marsch

- Sparta is de Club van Rotterdam!

 -Sparta (bananen)lied

- Ga voor de winst

- Everywhere we g

- Sparta Rotterdam, lalala...

- Heeey Dervişoğlu

- Toen ik er voor het eerst kwam

- Sparta Piet
























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