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2018 - 2019


2017 - 2019



Duration video: 6 min. 21 sec.



In a car workshop between the pristine surfaces of car parts and archetypes of mass production, a construction of power is unfolding. A Doberman Pinscher and its owner are the protagonists. The camera floats through the space frequently encountering a dog posing in standstill, commanded by a disembodied voice coming from somewhere in the workshop. A Doberman is a special breed, it is constructed out of many different types of dogs for the purpose of guarding, often used by police or military. It is specifically gracious, loyal, and potentially aggressive to strangers. It needs severe training. Both the owner’s and the dog’s consciousness are formed within this relationship. By the obedient appearance of the dog, it seems to concede to the rules it’s been given. But by knowing the rules it starts to gain power itself. In the constant intermingling of the concentration on the dog’s behavior and the hypothetical assumption of what the dog might do, we recognize a ‘manifest’ and a ‘scientific’ vision, being different but in continuous movement with one and another.



Voice: Joshua Thies

Dobermann Pinscher: Andor

Camera: Lonneke Worm

Sound postproduction: Charly van Rest

Thanks to: DKC Moving Image, Rotterdam



BB15, Space for Contemporary Art, Linz

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