Video 2019

Duration: 6 min. 47 sec.


A cockfight begins with a ritual. Two roosters are confronted with each other by being held in close distance. Here the animal can’t avoid the opponent no more and both minds get locked in. If one smells another it gets wound up, but it really tightens its muscles when the other enters its field of vision. Back in the farm the roosters are kept in cages, where the sight to their neighbours is blocked by wooden plates. Shielded from each other the impulse to fight simply disappears.

In what way are organisms determined by their environment? And how do we interact with our envronment if perception is a product of prediction? Are we looking for something we already know? When a rooster attacks it narrows its vision, like a hawk. When it is lost and needs to orientate it broadens it, trying to find a familiar point of reference.


In the Best possible Condition

publication 2019 in collaboration with Iván Martinez



Contributions by:


Lynette Smith - Because a Bird's Gaze is Like This


Iván Martinez - The training


Jan Adriaans - Accuracy


Neva Lukic - Tabula Rasa


Michelle Carmody - Body Building -  If you can go through the pain period, you may get to be champion


Aarti Sunder - Capitalism, My Treacherous Cheerleader


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