Jan Adriaans

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Performing Security


Publication ‘t Vijfde Seizoen’

Designed by Claes Storm

Size 16,5 x 10,5 cm


Essays and videostills by Marianna Maruyama, Jan Adriaans and Gerwin Luijendijk


Somewhere in a wooded area of the Netherlands, three men stand attentively in front of a mental healthcare facility in the aftermath of the brutal murder of a young women. What body and verbal language are used to communicate safety?


Performing Security is the result of the residency and is a coproduction of The Fifth Season and BeamLab. Performing Security was made possible by Altrecht GGZ, The Mondriaan Fund and Fivoor Forensic and Intensive Psychiatric care.



Availlable at The New Institute Rotterdam, TENT Rotterdam, Page Not Fond The Hague, Beautiful Distress House Amsterdam, San-serriffe Amsterdam, World Food Books, Melbourne, and via e-mail






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