soappiece with fragrance

Like every other creature, human sensory organs have a spectrum related to our ways of survival. We can’t see infrared, we can only hear sounds within a specific range and we can’t smell the way dogs can. And even if we could, would that be recommendable?

FIERCE is the signature scent of the American Abercrombie & Fitch clothing store. It is a men’s scent that represents the company, being sprayed throughout the stores and on its clothes. The scent tries to guide the act of shopping with a physical and emotional sensation. “When you walk in you’ll know it’s kinda an ambery tobacco-y warm sexual scent lol kinda smells like if you hugged a boy and his perfume mixes with yours…”

A soap made by the artist with FIERCE parfume lying on a wooden plate. The soap is sprinkled with warm water on a daily basis. The scent of the soap fills the gallery space.

'Down the Magic Mountain', space MASS, curated by Marie-Andree Pellerin, Seoul, South Korea 2014